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Polaris Adventures is committed to building high quality memories. This begins with high-quality Outfitters. Whether you’re looking to expand your business or are new to the industry, we're the only industry partner that is geared to grow your business from the ground up. Explore the types of partnerships below to understand how we can help your business.
Guide assisting a happy adventurer with a mobile device before an off-road experience.Guide assisting a happy adventurer with a mobile device before an off-road experience.
Rider in a Polaris RZR off-road vehicle at dusk with canyon landscapes in the background.

Existing Businesses

We help propel your existing business. Whether it's providing national credibility, streamlining your operations, or expanding your offerings to new customers, we partner with you to provide the full experience.
Person using a digital kiosk to browse Polaris Adventure options.

New Businesses

Partnering with Polaris Adventures is a one-stop shop to success. We provide all processes, training, and technology needed for a successful powersports rental experience business. From risk management to rental assets to marketing, we'll get you off the ground quickly.

Why Partner With Polaris Adventures?

Line of Polaris RZR vehicles on display showcasing national brand credibility.
National Credibility
Polaris Adventures is recognized by those who matter most. Be a part of an established and proven program.
Enthusiasts in safety gear driving a fleet of Polaris off-road vehicles, ready to explore.
Industry-Leading Offering
We are experts in the rental, powersports, tourism, and adventure industries. We help you expand your customer base and stay ahead of the competition.
Person browsing an outdoor adventure touchscreen kiosk with Polaris ATV imagery.
Defined Process
We provide all processes, training, and technology needed for a successful powersports rental experience business.
Outfitter discussing details with clients, highlighting the low investment in gear.
Low Capital Investment
Programs of our caliber typically require a large upfront investment. With the right support and partnership, we are committed to your success.
Person using a tablet for a secure check-in process, indicating reduced risk.
Reduced Risk
From scalable liability insurance to damage waiver offerings tailored to your operations, our dedicated risk management team is here to assist.

What Makes a Successful Outfitter

We're seeking potential partners who exhibit the qualities that make our outfitters successful.

Adventurers in helmets discussing with a guide, highlighting safety and service.
Commitment to Safety & Service
A commitment to top-notch customer service makes good businesses great. From check in to check out, our Outfitters focus on making the process smooth and the experience safe and enjoyable.
Man in helmet standing confidently between Slingshot vehicles with helicopter in the background.
Provide Memorable Experiences
The most important part of adventures are the memories made. Outfitters provide best-in-class experiences by suggesting routes and points of interest.
Office setup with Polaris branding, whiteboard, and adventure planning materials on the wall.
Uniquely Positioned
Just like there's something special about each adventure, there's something special about where Outfitters operate.
Group attending an outdoor outfitter tips and tricks session led by a Polaris guide.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Our Outfitters understand their customer base and how to reach them. They are proactive in supporting their business with signage, marketing campaigns / PR, events, social media and customer conversation.
Two people shaking hands in agreement, with a Polaris off-road vehicle in the background.
Partnership Mentality
Our most successful Outfitters stay in frequent contact with the Polaris Adventures support team to keep their offerings premium and up-to-date.

Is this you?

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