March 5, 2020

Adventure Story – Girls Trip at Spearfish Canyon Lodge


Many women are drawn to the indescribable feeling of accomplishment and freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle. Strength and confidence are built while out on the road, as are friendships and bonds with other riders. It’s that spirit that drove the creation of Black Girls Ride (BGR). Founded in 2011, BGR was created to highlight the participation of women in motorsports. Rather than being an exclusive racial statement, BGR is an inclusive celebration of all women who live to ride. Though it began as a magazine at its inception, BGR has grown into a movement. As a collective of women from all across the country, the ladies of BGR utilize their shared passion for riding to connect like-minded women and to educate and inspire younger generations of up-and-coming riders.

Ladies of Black Girls Ride gearing up for a snowmobile ride

The BGR theme for 2019 is “Going Beyond Borders.” Whether physically expanding a rider’s borders by crossing city, state, or country lines, or by stepping out of their comfort zones to try new things and meet new people, the theme challenges women to lean further into the freedom, empowerment and community that comes from riding. I first heard BGR founder, Porsche Taylor, describe her vision for “Going Beyond Borders” at her Beautiful Bikers Conference in February 2019. Almost immediately, the room erupted with excitement and inspiration. I promised myself that I would go beyond my personal riding borders and help other ladies do the same. But how could we harness this momentum and throttle our excitement into immediate action? It was February after all, and though the winter was starting to come to a close, most of the country was still far too cold to get on a motorcycle.

And then came an an idea — the weather may not be right for riding a bike out on the streets, but it was perfect for getting a snowmobile out on a trail. Porsche and I immediately started planning. A few short weeks later we found ourselves at Spearfish Canyon Lodge in Spearfish, South Dakota for an unforgettable girls weekend.

Our group of ladies came together from all across the country. Most of us were completely new to snowmobiling. In fact, many of us lived in climates where we weren’t accustomed to any amount of cold or snow at all. From the second we arrived at the lodge, we felt relaxed and right at home. With breathtaking views of the mountains, to the beautifully warm and cozy lodge, every detail was so perfect that we couldn’t help but snap photo after photo.


The kind and helpful staff made everything about the ride so easy! As we prepared for the ride, the Outfitter had plenty of gear available to rent in a wide variety of sizes, which meant we didn’t have to purchase or pack anything in advance. They provided assistance to each of us, ensuring we had all the proper items. They also took their time with our group, patiently teaching us everything we needed to know to safely operate the snowmobiles we rented. No question went unanswered, and no concern went unaddressed.

Female riders snowmobiling at Spearfish Canyon Lodge Two ladies checking out Polaris INDY snowmobile

Once we hit the trails, we were instantly hooked! The machines were so user-friendly that our confidence came quickly, as did the smiles, laughs, and of course more photos! There are countless hours of trails accessible from right outside the door of Spearfish Canyon Lodge, and the staff was able to provide recommendations that were both scenic and appropriate for our experience level.

The picturesque landscape was like nothing we’d ever seen before, and the riding experience was unique and exhilarating. While a snowmobile is very different from riding a motorcycle, the feelings it elicits are the same. After several hours, we arrived back at the lodge, euphoric and proud. We learned new skills, overcame fears, conquered obstacles, and forged friendships while creating life-long memories. Though exhausted from our adventure, we couldn’t wait to regroup at dinner and relive each moment again and again.

Black girls ride club sitting in Spearfish Canyon LodgeBefore our unforgettable trip, we’d thought snowmobiling would be a bucket-list item, something we could say we tried one time. But by the next morning, we were already deep into discussing plans for our next snowmobile adventure.

Try the adventure for yourself! Learn more about the ride described above: Black Hills National Forest