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This rough, winding road that snakes up the northeastern slopes of the Santa Catalinas was the first major access route built to the upper reaches of the mountains. While some residents refer to the road as the Old Mt. Lemmon Highway, the name “Control Road” is as old as the route itself. When this was the only road up the mountain, it was so narrow in some places that, if two cars met going in opposite directions, they would be unable to pass. The only way to avoid total gridlock was to “control” the road by making its narrow upper segment a one-way road on which the direction of travel was switched at regular intervals. This is a popular sight-seeing route for those willing to brave a little rough driving. Most of the trails that scale the Santa Catalinas are concentrated on the range’s southwestern slopes. The Control Road winds up Mt. Lemmon’s northeastern shoulder, offering a different perspective on the mountain and its surroundings. As it winds its way down the mountain, through an area of old mines and ranches, the road provides broad overlooks of the grassy, oak-covered foothills to the east. In the distance, the San Pedro Valley stretches to the Galiuro Range. Farther in the distance, the upper slopes of the Pinaleño Mountains and their northern neighbors, the Santa Teresas, are visible through low passes in the Galiuros. The stacks and tailings ponds of the copper smelter at San Manuel complete the panorama.


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(855) 736-8494

760 E American Ave
Oracle, AZ
85623 United States

Experience Type : Self-Guided
Category : Off-Road
Product Lines : RZR
Duration : Two-Hour, Three-Hour, Half-Day, Multi-Day
Level : All Levels


All drivers of off-road vehicles are required to be 18+ years of age with a valid driver’s license. All passengers must be able to grasp handhold with their hands, plant feet firmly on the ground and have their back fully against the backrest. Helmets and eye protection are always required to be worn when the vehicle is being operated. Long pants, a long sleeve shirt and closed-toe shoes are highly recommended for a safe, comfortable ride.


Seasonality : Spring, Summer, Fall
Terrain Type : Desert, Forest, Mountain


Titan Power Rentals provides coolers with ice and water, helmets, goggles, sunglasses, sunscreen, and toilet paper. It's advised
to wear closed toes shoes and dress in layers. The Arizona sun is always warm; however, the weather can change with colder
winds in the winter as the winds blaze off the mountainsides of the Santa Catalina's.


Polaris Adventures focuses on the safety of every rider, from vehicle overviews & training before every ride to a modern check out process, our outfitters are there to make sure you have a safe, memorable, adventure.

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Get in touch with any of our Outfitters directly to learn more about their adventures, requirements or how to build your perfect getaway. You can find their contact info above.

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Self-Guided ● Oracle, AZ


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This will be my ATV rental place to go to for now on. We rented the ATVs for four hours and it was such an amazing experience. The staff was super friendly, and had ice, a cooler and cold water for us ready to go for the ride. The ATV has blue tooth capability so we could listen to our music and had a GPS with all the trails in the area marked. We were able to just ride on our on which is so much better than a guided tour cause you can actually go the pace your comfortable with instead of getting stuck with a group and the experience your getting for your money tops any ATV rentals place I’ve been to in Arizona. If I could give it more stars I would! If you go to the Oracle location check out the MT. Lemmon trail. Thank you Titan Rentals for this amazing experience! We will definitely be back.

One way to enjoy the Arizona outdoor is to hop into an ATV. Luckily we found this gem of a place in the desert. This is locally owned by a husband and wife, such friendly and welcoming people. If you're lucky, their son will be the first to greet you at the parking lot. The location of the shop was in Oracle. They had a shop in Maricopa City, but looks like they're relocating to this new site (I may be mistaken). You're probably wondering why Oracle? I've been living in AZ for a very long time, I've heard of Oracle but never had interests to visit. Based on the owners' account, I'm missing out. It's about 1.5-2 hours ride to Mt. Lemmon, a cavern, and other trails nearby. This could be the future tourist site. Now, let's get to the technical part of your rental. If you have children, make sure they have a helmet(s)., as it's required. It's going to be rough if you want to go a little off roading, the helmets will come in handy for the children. The RZR we rented fit 4 people comfortably. The seats are quite snugged. The RZR we had does not have a full covered windshield, only half, i believe there's one that's full cover. One important thing to note, have some ear plugs. The motor is quite loud, I would recommend having some ear plugs available. Our RZR was a beast, it's capable of climbing rough terrains, but I tend to baby it because I didn't want to cause any damages. Besides, let's have a little respect with rental equipment. Just because it's not yours don't ride like you stole it (my 2 cents). After signing your rental agreement and your life away (kidding) you'll watch a short video of what not to do. These RZRs are not cheap to replace or repair, again, have some respect. I would recommend front riders to have something to cover eyes, nose, and mouth (dusts going to be blowing at you, especially if you have another vehicle in front of you. Oh! Don't wear white colored clothing, again, dusts going to be on you. With what I just said, you don't have to take my've been warned. If you haven't driven a RZR, like me, it's a little bit rough to get use to, at first. The shifting (automatic) is a little stiff and the turning radius is not like your car, so have a little practice before you get on the road. Overall, these RZRrs are rough and tough, and got some good a mount of pony in the engine. I really enjoyed riding it. You'll be given a full tank of gas. When you return it, make sure you fill it back up; otherwise, you will pay more for them to fill it for you. Also, the fuel is only high grade (91), so no cheap gas (87), show your receipt for proof. One thing to note about refueling the RZR, it's not easy to fill up, like a car. Have the owner explain it to you. I could go on and on, but I think you have a general idea. I normally don't write this long of a review, but it's worth my time to tell you this. Overall, my experience was a 5 star. I hope the owners can keep this type of experience as they gain in popularity in the future. I wish the owners good luck, and I support locally owned businesses. I hope I have another opportunity to return again.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed a half day rental of a Polaris RZR (4 seater) from Titan Power Rentals on September 27th. Wow!!! We had soooo much fun riding up the backside of Mount Lemmon. The vehicle was in perfect condition and Sarah from the rental office was delightful. Such an awesome experience. We plan to rent next year when we return to Tucson. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Titan Power Rentals!!! 5 stars for sure!!!

Man this was AWESOME! Host was super kind and helpful. She was able to book us quickly and gave us detailed information. Once we arrived on property she kindly greeted us and went over some safety information. Gave us a tour of the vehicle and how to work it. Then she lead us out to the trials and let us explore the area on our own. The vehicle had awesome GPS/Navigation so we were able to see exactly were we were on the trails and how to get back. To get back to the house we just pushed "home" and it lead us back. On the trail the vehicle was awesome, super easy to drive, just like a car, but way more fun. Vehicle was clean and functioned perfectly. Once we returned she greeted us and ensured we had all our belongs. She even made my father a birthday card when we were on the trail. She provided water, ice, sunscreen, toilet paper, trail permit. The vehicle has a cooler on the back so you can bring food or drink. Such a fun day and experience. I hope to do this again soon!!

What a great ride! Had 4 kids and 6 adults. Kids just giggled in delight. Who would have known that so many trails were available! Sarah was knowledgeable about the machines, great GPS guided us around the varied terrain. The machines were very clean when we started but not so-much by the tine we were thru! I have never seen the desert so beautiful with all the blooming flowers. Anyone wanting to go for a ride, should go this spring! Don’t miss out!


Self-Guided ● Prescott Valley, AZ


  • Map Pin Icon Certified Outfitter
  • Vehicle Pin Icon RZR
  • Price Icon Starting at $250

Guided ● Sumner, MO


  • Map Pin Icon Verified Outfitter
  • Vehicle Pin Icon RANGER
  • Price Icon *pricing is per person

Guided ● Koloa, HI


  • Map Pin Icon Certified Outfitter
  • Vehicle Pin Icon RZR, RANGER
  • Price Icon Starting at $302

Self-Guided ● Brian Head, UT


  • Map Pin Icon Certified Outfitter
  • Vehicle Pin Icon RZR, RANGER
  • Price Icon Starting at $209