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Driving a Slingshot or Indian Motorcycle on paved roads and highways.
Self-Guided Tour
Outfitters provide a suggested route, trail map, and list of sites/attractions to riders who want to adventure on their own.
1 - 10 Hours

About this Adventure

Welcome to Palisades Slingshot Rentals, your gateway to uncovering the vibrant soul of Lubbock, Texas. Here, where the spirit of the Red Raiders pulsates and Buddy Holly's legacy endures, adventure beckons just around the corner. Whether you're drawn to the mysterious depths of Carlsbad Caverns, the grandeur of Palo Duro Canyon, or the serene waters of Buffalo Springs Lake, we are at the heart of it all, with a treasure trove of scenic routes waiting for you to explore.

And let us tell you, there's no more exhilarating way to experience the wonders of West Texas than from the driver's seat of one of our Slingshots. Imagine feeling the warm Texan breeze and the freedom of the open road as you rev up and set off on an unforgettable journey.

We make sure that your focus stays on the ride and the road ahead – our Slingshots are dependable, so you can get adventurous without a worry in the world. We understand what gets your motor running – it's the authenticity of a real ride and the thrill of discovering new paths.

Every twist and turn holds a story, and we're here to ensure you're fully equipped to write your own. So, take the reins, lean into the curves, and let the road unfold before you. With us, you're not just renting a vehicle; you're igniting a story that starts with "Do you remember that time we..."

Ready for an adventure that speaks to your heart? Come find us. We're here to make your ride unforgettable, helping you create those tales of adventure that you'll share around every campfire, at every family gathering – memories that last a lifetime.

Experience Lubbock like never before, with Palisades Slingshot Rentals as your trusty guide to the open road. Let's ride!

What's included

Use of a Polaris vehicle is part of the rental fee.
Helmets are provided - and required - for all riders on all Adventures.
Safety Goggles and Gear
Appropriate, vehicle-specific safety gear is provided.
Navigation Assistance
Navigation equipment is provided.

Vehicle Lineup

Slingshot - Autodrive

Slingshot - Autodrive

With an open air cockpit placing you 5 inches off the ground, this 3-wheeled roadster delivers a 360-degree visceral experience with the rush of the pavement going by under your seat.

1-2 Passengers
Open Air
Unmatched Style

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