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Self-Guided: Slash X Express Trail

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Riding an ATV or Side by Side on unpaved roads or trails, including sand, gravel, dirt, grass, mud, rocks, and other natural terrain.
Self-Guided Tour
Outfitters provide a suggested route, trail map, and list of sites/attractions to riders who want to adventure on their own.
80 miles
6 Hours

About this Adventure

Out in the Johnson Valley area of the Mojave high desert, there is an old saying, “All roads lead to the Slash X Ranch.” That sentiment is echoed loud and clear on any given weekend when off-road enthusiasts from all over the world find themselves at this little desert oasis. Journey through the rugged Mojave Desert on the “Slash X Express Trail,” an epic 80-mile round trip adventure ride that navigates across beautiful desert scenery with majestic views at every turn in a Polaris RZR. Your ride will take you through remote parts of the wild desert, across large dry lake beds, winding sandy washes, and up steep and rugged mountain passes. At the midpoint of your adventure, you will find yourself at the Slash X Ranch Café for a well-deserved break from all of the action. When pulling in at the Slash X Ranch Cafe, you will notice some unusual vehicles all parked out front; that‘s because it’s a favorite for many off-roaders and their toys. You will find a unique place with thousands of signed hats on the ceiling and walls covered with race memorabilia from the former racers who have visited this establishment for over 50 years when you open the doors. But it’s also known for some of Hollywood’s famous commercials and movies, the most noted “Erin Brockovich Story” starring Julia Roberts (you can even sit in the same chair that she sat in filming the movie). Enjoy fresh hot food and cold beverages before you saddle back up and continue with your adventure. Plan on a full day of exhilarating fun and experience a thrill of a lifetime on this epic excursion.

What's included

Use of a Polaris vehicle is part of the rental fee.
Helmets are provided - and required - for all riders on all Adventures.
Safety Goggles and Gear
Appropriate, vehicle-specific safety gear is provided.
Navigation Assistance
Navigation equipment is provided.

Vehicle Lineup

RZR XP 1000

RZR XP 1000

The world's leading recreational side by side. The ultimate trail machine handles turns, rocks, mud, sand with ease.

1-2 Passengers
Trail Dominator

RZR XP4 1000

RZR XP4 1000

The world's leading recreational side by side. The ultimate trail machine handles turns, rocks, mud, sand with ease.

1-4 Passengers
Trail Dominator

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