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Menlo Park, California
Travel Song
"Far Side of the World" - Jimmy Buffet


My name is Kirsten Alexis and I'm located in Silicon Valley, CA. I love the outdoors and going on random adventures. Anything that can challenge me and take me outside my comfort zone is my kind of good time! I am a licensed skydiver and high-altitude mountain hiker with dreams of reaching the Seven Summits. I enjoy traveling, photography, flying my drone, paddleboarding, surfing, snowboarding, skiing and working out. I want to inspire others to live the life of their dreams and to find happiness wherever they are. 


There are so many! I think one of the most memorable thus far is my trip to Tanzania back in 2018. I summited Mount Kilimanjaro and went on a safari afterwards.


Side-by-Sides / UTV, Snowmobile, Slingshot (three-wheeled automobile), Motorcycle, Other (ex: mountain bike, kayak, etc.)