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Sunny Isles, Florida


I’m a modern traveler known for my extraordinary expeditions and stories while traveling in extreme environments. I’m originally from Moscow, Russia. I began my professional career in 2006, and was quickly recognized by other adventurous people and big outdoor brands such as The North Face and others. I am a longtime member of the Russian Geographic society, and have led dozens of exploratory expeditions such as crossing whole Alaska on snowmobiles, travel across Africa by East coast from Moscow to Cape Town on motorcycles and participated on 4x4 truck in the Dakar rally in Latin America. Around the world trip on motorcycle is truly the adventure of a lifetime. Bonded by a unique communications with new people, new countries, new cultures and love of motorbike. One year, from Moscow to Moscow via Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Mongolia and Siberia. In 2006 I became one of the only men who did solo around the world trip on motorcycle which took one year and 52000 miles. This is just the one reasons why I’ve received an offer from USA government to accept American citizenship as an extraordinary person. After many expeditions in decadesI run my own agency called Wild Wild. My private agency offers personal planning services for the new modern travelers. My team concentrates on offering perfectly personalized travel experiences to clients all over the world. No matter the journey you are searching for, the Wild Wild team looks forward to helping your dream travel experience come true. Our focus is creating extraordinary journeys, putting you in the right place at the right time.


Around the world on motorcycle from Moscow to Moscow via Europe, Africa, South America, North America,  Mongolia and Siberia.From Moscow to Cape Town on motorcycle across whole east coast of Africa. I also traveled by 4x4 truck from Moscow through the Caucasus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan. Snowmobile expedition across Alaska to the Bering Sea Travel on jet ski from Miami to the Bahamas Travel on my beloved Polaris RZR to the most beautiful locations in Alaska.


Side-by-Sides / UTV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle