Program Commitments

Who We’re Looking For

Polaris Adventures is committed to building high quality memories which begins with high-quality Outfitters. Polaris Adventures Outfitters, first and foremost, have a commitment to safety. The ideal Outfitter also understands experience-based business, has a knack for understanding customer bases and how to most effectively reach them.

Working with Polaris Adventures means having a partner for the future. In order for us to understand Outfitters’ business and best help them, it’s important we communicate with our Outfitters on a consistent basis. A model candidate is driven to succeed and likely has some level of business intelligence to help them achieve this success.

You Can Commit To…

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Curated Experiences

Suggest recommended local routes including points of interest, estimate length of time, loops, etc.

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2-3 people knowledgeable in the program that assist customers in check-in and check-out processes.

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Dedicated space for check-in kiosk, counter for reservation/check-in activities, area for vehicle walk-around, storage for vehicles & safety gear.


Account for Maintenance and any repair work for the rental fleet. Prep vehicles before each ride (refuel, clean, inspect).


Proactive in supporting your business with signage, marketing campaigns / PR, events, social media and customer conversation.

Reservation & Payment

Using the tools provided, build out an easy-to-use online reservation and payment system that allows customers to book a ride at your location.


Stay in-touch with the Polaris Adventures support team to ensure your offerings are kept premium and up-to-date.