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El Paso, TX
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Located at the entrance to a popular off-road desert riding area in east El Paso, Texas, Rent A UTV Off-Road Adventures is a convenient "park and ride" service. Locals call this area Red Sands due to its unique reddish-brown tint caused by iron oxide deposits. Red Sands has been a popular area for off-road enthusiasts for over 40-years. Red Sands is approximately 21 square miles in size and is located just west of Hueco Tanks State Park off of Montana Ave (US Hwy 62/US Hwy 180). Go out and explore over 25 miles of desert trail passing scenic desert landscapes with a trained guide. Rental options are available for over an hour and a half of fun. This is a great opportunity for beginner or advanced riders to test out dirt, sand, and rocky trails.

Rent A UTV also has on-road adventures available with the exciting Polaris Slingshot. Rent a Slingshot and cruise the picturesque roads outside of El Paso. There are many hidden gems including the Scenic Drive which gives you a spectacular view across El Paso and Juarez.

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