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Jean, NV
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Ready for the ride of your life in the world-famous Mojave Desert? Climb into a Polaris RZR to navigate pristine desert terrain, natural rock formations, twisty sand washes, and rugged trails. Just minutes from The Strip, Vegas Off-Road Tours puts you in touch with a side of Las Vegas you’ve never experienced before. // With self-guided and guided options available, you can create your own Adventure by exploring the nearly 500-mile trail network however you choose. Vegas Off-Road Tours offers two-seater and four-seater side by sides, making this an excellent Outfitter for families or groups of colleagues and friends up to 20 people. Trail access for all tours starts immediately outside the Vegas Off-Road Tours basecamp, and parking is free and plentiful.

No prior off-roading experience is necessary—but if you do have some riding under your belt, you won’t be disappointed with this terrain. Whether you choose the guided or self-guided option, you’ll receive a thorough safety briefing that includes instructions on how to be on the lookout for desert tortoises to join Vegas Off-Road Tours’ commitment to preserving this treasured desert species and their habitat.

If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the wild horses that have roamed this desert landscape for generations. And no Vegas Off-Road Tours experience is complete without lunch, live music, and shopping at Pioneer Saloon located just 25 minutes from the main trailhead.

Helmet-to-helmet radio communication means you can chat with your fellow riders—and listen to your favorite music—as you explore. Even children in the backseat can listen and chime in! (Please contact Vegas Off-Road Tours for size requirements for minors.)

After your time exploring the desert, you can head back to The Strip in plenty of time to shower up and enjoy a great dinner and some evening entertainment. But don’t go to bed too late. If you’re like a lot of Vegas Off-Road Tours riders, you’ll be booking another tour tomorrow!

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Jean, Nevada
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