Slingshot Rentals

You’ll know it if you see one. The Polaris Slingshot is the most eye-catching vehicle on the road today. Part sports car, part motorcycle, and a dash of Batmobile, you’ll look and feel like a superhero behind the wheel of this three wheel roadster.

What Is A Slingshot?

Three wheels, two-seats, and AutoDrive or manual transmission. Also, no roof, no doors, and no worries when cruising scenic highways under the open sky.

Like A 3 Wheel Car/Motorcycle

What’s it like driving a Slingshot? With two front wheels and only one in back, the Slingshot takes instant turns, accelerates with the lightest touch, and puts you at one with the road.

Open Air Roadster

You’ll be at one with the outdoors, too, with the wind whipping by in the open air cockpit. Only five inches from the ground, you could almost reach down and touch it. (Only try this while parked.)

Eye Catching Style

Turn heads left and right when passing cars on the highway or driving along city streets. The Polaris Slingshot never ceases to amaze.

Polaris Slingshot Lineup

Our Adventure Outfitters proudly boast an impressive lineup of Slingshot models available to rent. Each model features a stand out and innovative design as well as the premium performance and comfort found in all Polaris vehicles. Only a standard driver’s license is required to drive a Slingshot in all but three states (Alaska, Massachusetts, and New York require a motorcycle license).

Slingshot S

There’s nothing shabby about the Slingshot base model. Manual and AutoDrive transmission are both available for every type of driver.

Slingshot SL

Featuring a premium finish, the Slingshot SL also includes Rockford Fosgate premium audio, a wind deflector, and larger wheels. A 7” touchscreen display is powered by RIDE COMMAND, our GPS navigation system.

Slingshot R

The unmatched style of the Slingshot R is paired with additional horsepower for ultimate performance. Stand out and be seen.

Slingshot SLR

The SLR looks like a 3 wheel sports car, with a wide rear tire and a custom interior. It includes a tinted wind deflector as well as RIDE COMMAND to plan your trip and set your course.

Slingshot GT

Luxury at its finest, the GT is the ultimate cruiser for that cross country trip you’ve always wanted to take. The added Slingshade provides cover from the sun while keeping the open road feel.

Why Rent A Slingshot?

Scenic Drives

Maybe you’ve always wanted to test drive a Slingshot, but why not escape on an outdoor adventure instead? Head out on a state or national park driving tour and enjoy the scenic route. That mountain drive has never looked so beautiful.

Date Night

Slingshot city rentals are the perfect option for your next romantic getaway. Impress your date when pulling up in style, and take a city tour or popular outdoor attractions.

Weekend Getaway

Some of the best weekend vacations are those without any particular places to go. A day drive out on the open roads, or a coastal tour along hidden beaches should find a spot on your vacation list.

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