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Program Overview

Polaris Adventures® Select is a membership program offering access to the Polaris family of powersports vehicles, including ATVs, side by sides, Slingshot, snowmobiles, and Indian Motorcycle.

Members pay a monthly fee in exchange for a specific number of credits, depending upon the plan tier they choose. Credits can be redeemed to rent vehicles and ride at Polaris Adventures Outfitter locations. Members can also use credits for additional services like coordinating with an Outfitter to pick up a vehicle or delivering one to your home to ride elsewhere.

Select is the Membership to Polaris Adventures. Members save money on rentals by subscribing to the program and using credits as currency instead of renting and paying one adventure at a time as a non-member.

Members also enjoy more flexibility around where and how to ride and more convenience with a support team dedicated to curating and scheduling the ultimate experience.

In addition, Members have the benefit of a fully inclusive ride experience. Safety gear, vehicle coverage via our premium damage waiver (at no additional cost), and a free tank of fuel are all included.

Members must be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver's license and proof of auto insurance. In addition, licenses must indicate the ability to operate a motor vehicle without modification. Members also must have a major credit card with a >$1000 limit to keep on file.

No long-term commitment! Polaris Adventures Select is the perfect program for trying out off-roading and our other powersports for the first time or for bringing them back into your life. Ride for a season (90 days), then renew month to month. If you choose to cancel after 90 days, then you'll have an additional 90 days to redeem any remaining credits.

We try to make memberships inclusive of everything you need to properly use your vehicle and enjoy your adventures. Supplemental services are available upon check-out but are not required to enjoy a Membership.

Fees are only assessed for late returns and damages.

Of course! Changes to your plan can be made by calling Customer Support at 1-866-866-3613. Changes must be made more than 24 hours in advance of the next billing cycle to be active for that cycle. Certain restrictions apply. Changing plan tiers does not affect your accrued credits.

We’re proud to offer the latest Polaris vehicles, including:

  • 2 and 4-seat RZR side by sides

  • 2 and 4-seat Ranger and GENERAL UTVs

  • 3-wheeled open-air Slingshot

  • Indian Motorcycle

  • Snowmobiles

Models will vary depending on location. Not all models are available at every Outfitter location.

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Credit amounts vary by market and vehicle. The three plan tiers are designed to reflect how often a member would like to ride.

: Occasional Rider (a few times a year)

: Frequent Rider (once a month)

: Riding Enthusiast (multiple times per month)

Generally speaking, most locations will have available options starting at the amounts below:

How many credits to rent a vehicle at Polaris Adventures Outfitters

*Note, pontoons are not available in all markets.

**Note, these amounts are starting points. Based on location and vehicle, credit amounts will range above.

***Premium market locations may not follow the table above.

Driver age restrictions vary by Outfitter location. Our Adventures catalog lists age requirements for each individual adventure.

Generally, off-road vehicles require drivers to be 18 years or older, while on-road vehicles most often require drivers to be at least 25 years old. If carrying a minor passenger (under the age of 18), the driver must be at least 25 years of age and the Parent or Legal Guardian of the minor. The driver must also sign the applicable waiver forms on behalf of the minor.

If anyone is under 18 years of age (“minor passenger”), the parent or legal guardian will need to sign the waiver agreement on their behalf. They must be under the parent or legal guardian’s supervision at all times. Minors will not drive the vehicle.

All passengers must be able to grasp the handhold and plant their feet firmly on the vehicle floor with their back fully against the seat.

All reservations include:

  • Safety gear (helmets and eye protection for all riders and passengers)

  • GPS mapping and personal locator beacon

  • Premium damage waiver

  • Free fuel

  • Unlimited miles

Members can book up to 90 days in advance. Our support team can check availability if you need additional advance booking time. However, you must have adequate credits in your account when booking to reserve. Reservations that include vehicle delivery are subject to availability.

Absolutely. Contact Customer Support at 1-866-866-3613 for a 5% monthly discount.

Yes! Our referral program allows members to invite their friends to join the Polaris Adventures membership program and earn bonus credits. Both you and your friend will earn 4 bonus credits if your friend uses your referral link to sign up. Win win!

Credit Sharing

Allow your family or friends to experience membership themselves! Share your credits so they too can book a premium reservation with an Outfitter. You choose who to share your membership with and how many credits to share. They will create a guest account that allows them to receive your shared credits and book online.

Absolutely! You can invite family and friends to ride with you.

Please review the vehicle capacity and passenger age requirements when booking your reservation.

Yes. Members are required to be present to accept the vehicle hand-off. Members can reserve additional vehicles for others to drive along on your adventure if they meet the required driving criteria and have completed the applicable waiver forms.

Members are responsible for all vehicles included in your reservation and will be subject to damages sustained by those you allow to ride or drive the vehicle.

No. Members must be present to accept responsibility for the vehicle. Vehicles will not be released to anyone but the Member.

Select members can allow their family or friends to experience membership by sharing their credits.

How it works:

  1. Members choose who to share their membership with, and how many credits they want to share.

  2. The recipient(s) will be prompted to create a guest account that allows them to receive shared credits and book their own Adventure(s) online.

  3. Guests will have access to their account dashboard, where they can view how many credits have been shared with them, their ride history, reservation management, and their Adventure wish list.

Additional Information

Base members can share credits with 1 guest, Plus members can share with 3 guests, and Ultimate members can share with 5 guests. Regardless of tier, members can remove an existing guest and add another at any point. Sharing credits is a final and one-way transaction. Once credits have been shared with a friend or family member via email, those credits can not be returned to the original member's account.

A credit card is required to be kept on file for incidentals (should damage occur during your ride) for anyone booking Adventures.

Account holders who have an active Select member share credits with them DO have the ability to buy additional credits, so long as they stay active on the Member's sharing list. If the account holder is removed from the member's sharing list, they will no longer have the ability to purchase additional credits.

Rider Safety

Polaris Adventures is approachable for drivers and riders of all skill levels. Our Adventure Outfitters will walk you through operating procedures to get you going and help you pick appropriate trails for your level of experience. Always ride within your limits and start slow.

All off-road vehicles in the Polaris Adventures fleet have automatic transmissions. Slingshot models come in manual or intuitive AutoDrive (no gear shifting).

Anyone under 18 (“minor passenger”) will not drive the vehicle. However, they are welcome and encouraged to ride provided that the parent or legal guardian signs the waiver agreement and provides supervision at all times.

All passengers, adults, and children must be able to grasp the handholds with their feet planted on the vehicle floor and their back against the seat. Hands and feet must be kept inside the vehicle at all times.

Helmets and goggles are provided and required for all off-road vehicles.

Slingshot drivers and Indian Motorcycle riders must wear full-face helmets (provided) as well as long pants and closed-toe shoes.

Please view our COVID-19 response HERE.

Our mantra is Safe. Memorable. Adventures. We’re taking extra precautions to protect the health and safety of our customers, outfitters, employees, and the communities where we operate. To encourage a contactless experience, here’s what you can expect for your next adventure:

  1. Online Booking & Payment

    • Book your ride online to reduce in-person contact.

  2. Contactless Check-in/Out

    • Check-in and -out is done with an app. You can also complete your rental agreement and waiver online in advance.

  3. Sanitized Vehicles & Equipment

    • All equipment and vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized before (and after) your use and marked with a sanitation tag.

  4. Safe Social Distancing Practices

    • Staff will use a variety of practices to keep 6 feet of distance from customers and keep counter surfaces clean.

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