Safe, Memorable


For Generations to Come


When it comes to sustainability, Polaris Adventures has deep ties to the communities it serves, as well as an extreme respect for the backcountry where most of the rides take place. Prime initiatives include promoting and educating on best practices with its vehicles and vehicle outfitters to help preserve these beautiful locations for generations to come. To accomplish this, Polaris Adventures is committed to ride training, environmental stewardship and ride/trail etiquette, as well as giving back to partnering communities and supporting local businesses through the Polaris Foundation.

With ride training, Polaris Adventures works with outfitters and partners, as well as local and national organizations to teach responsible riding techniques for various routes. This includes the importance of staying on the road/trail, obeying signage and keeping vehicles properly serviced for rider and environmental safety.

Polaris Adventures also supports Tread Lightly! principles to minimize the impact to the outdoors, as well as eliminate trash and debris along ride areas.

To keep riders on the road or trails, Polaris Adventures outfits all its vehicles with the latest mapping technology and encourages proper trail etiquette on multi-use trails. Riders are taught trail right-of-way, yielding to mountain bikes, hikers and horses, and letting oncoming vehicles know how many are in a group.

With these practices in mind, Polaris Adventures works to create safe, memorable rides and preserve ride destinations and communities for generations to come.


To ensure that guests can enjoy their experience every step of the way, each year outfitters trade in current models to receive the latest state-of-the-art Polaris vehicles.


Outfitters are part of our select network of premier, local adventure experts. Polaris Adventures works with outfitters based on experience, adherence to best practices, high scores in customer satisfaction as well as a commitment to safety and ethics.