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Allentown, Pennsylvania


Hello! My name is Stephanie, I’m from Pennsylvania and I love anything that has to do with the outdoors. My current passion is riding my motorcycle all over the country and seeing the beauty of each state through this perspective. I also love off roading, snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, taking my dogs to the creek and just enjoying time outside. I’m always down for new adventures and love meeting people who share this passion!


My favorite adventure has been off roading at Badlands Off-road park in Indiana. I loved this so much because it offered such a diverse terrain. One second we were in a tunnel riding through a creek, the next we were circling a flat track in a field, then before I knew it we were flying up a sand hill before heading back into the woods! This place offered so many technical options and I can’t wait to explore it again!


Side-by-Sides / UTV, Snowmobile, Slingshot (three-wheeled automobile), Motorcycle, Other (ex: mountain bike, kayak, etc.)