What We Do

Safe. Memorable. Adventures.

We created Polaris Adventures after many years of re-thinking how to bring safe, memorable outdoor adventures to everyone. The concept has now grown to include numerous Outfitters from across the country. We equip them with the latest Polaris vehicles, safety procedures, online registration and best ride practices while providing exceptional experiences to those seeking adventure.

What is an adventure?

An adventure is more than a rental, it’s a curated experience. It can take you to places you’ve never seen. It can intrigue you, excite you, and sometimes leave you in awe. These are the things adventure enthusiasts pursue in an attempt to quench their thirst for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Who We’re Seeking

Polaris Adventures is committed to building high-quality memories which begins with high-quality Outfitters. Polaris Adventures Outfitters, first and foremost, have a commitment to safety. The ideal Outfitter also understands experience-based business, has a knack for understanding their customer base and how to most effectively reach them.

You are Expanding Your Business

Your enthusiasm for exploration is reflected in your hunger to continuously grow and improve your business.

You are Committed to Customer Service

You understand that excellent customer service is what takes businesses and experiences to the next level and always execute on this.

You Uniquely Position Yourself

There’s something special about every adventure and your business reflects the same uniqueness as the adventures you offer.

You Offer Memorable Experiences

The most important part of adventures are the memories made while experiencing them. Your business always strives to provide best-in-class experiences so riders remember them.

Taking Process to the Next Level

Reservation & Payment

  • Simple to use, customer-focused booking process
  • Reservation platform with proven results
  • Automatically manage schedules and inventory
  • Payments Direct to Outfitter
  • Ability to Pre-Authorize Customer’s Credit Card
  • Built-In Cancellation Policy Capability

Customer Check-in

  • Protecting both the customer & Polaris Adventures Outfitter
  • Completely Digital, Links to Vehicle
  • Easy-to-use, Safety-focused
  • Rental Agreement
  • Liability Waiver
  • Optimizes Customer & Outfitter Time

Vehicle Checkout

  • Assign a Vehicle
  • Failsafe if Waivers Aren’t Filled Out
  • Before / After Photos of Vehicle Condition
  • Safety / Ride Gear Station
  • Vehicle Walk-Through
  • Instruction on Operation & Safety
  • Vehicle Organization

Curated Experience

  • Curated, Guided & Un-guided Adventures
  • Approachable for all audiences
  • Vehicles accessorized for customer safety and comfort
  • Integrated Navigation
  • Emergency Beacon (Off-road)
  • Safety & Operation Instruction (Stickers, Video)
  • Develop ride experiences of all lengths, types and levels

Vehicle Check-in

  • Post-ride Walk-through
  • Damage & Incident Management
  • Next Ride Vehicle Prep
  • Customer Sign-off on Vehicle Condition
  • Vehicle Inventory & Analytics Management

Customer Re-Engagement

  • Continue cultivating & winning customer business
  • Go beyond a single ride, explore multiple locations
  • Customer Satisfaction (Net Promoter Score) is Key Priority
  • National Marketing System to Keep Customers in the Network (National Website)

“Polaris Adventures’ processes have filled a lot of gaps that we didn’t previously account for.”

Colorado Sled Rentals in Colorado

Guests on Polaris Snowmobiles in Silverton, CO

We’ve Got you Covered

guests riding a Polaris RZR through desert rock in Ocotillo, California

Rental Liability Insurance

Damage Waiver Program

Legal Documents & Process

Exception Management

More Ways We Support Your Business

Marketing Support

Polaris Adventures leverages the Polaris national reputation for quality to take your business to the next level. While our Outfitters are actively promoting their business, we position their experiences in a national setting with website exposure, press releases, and social media campaigns just to name a few.

  • National Website
  • Custom Resource Portal
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Reach

Operations Support

Polaris Adventures is committed to helping our Outfitters succeed. We feel we provide our Partners with many of the tools that will help them prosper, but when situations arise or extra support is needed, we have a dedicated team of experts to assist in any way we can.

  • Dedicated Outfitter Account Management Team
  • Easy Outfitter Operations Support
  • Access to Custom Resource Web Portal
  • Tailored Outfitter Events

Are You

Ready to Partner?

We only work with premium Outfitters who raise the bar and create the best, worry-free ride and drive experiences possible for new and seasoned drivers alike. If that sounds like you, let’s start the conversation.