Introducing Polaris Adventures Select – the first ever subscription for adventure. From the freedom to switch up your vehicle to having it delivered right to your driveway, this membership removes life’s obstacles so you can get out there and lead the way.

Must be 18 years of age to subscribe.


Welcome to the driver’s seat

With Polaris Adventures Select, your monthly member subscription gives you access to the latest Polaris vehicles. These vehicles are fueled up and ready to go. Plus, there’s never any maintenance or cleaning when you are done. Whether you choose to ride at one of our Polaris Adventures Outfitter locations, have the vehicle delivered to your home, or arrange for a pickup, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of your full day reservation. With three subscription tiers to choose from, you can find the one that’s right for you.

1. Subscribe

Subscribe to the membership that fits your lifestyle.

2. Select

Select which vehicle you want to ride that month.

3. Receive

Receive the vehicle at your door or pick it up at one of our locations.

4. Ride

Get out there, ride and find your adventure.

The Power of Membership

One Membership. Any Occasion.

With a Select Membership, you get to make all the calls. Choose the time, date, place, and lead the way.

  • No Single Vehicle Commitment

    Select from the latest Polaris Vehicle “Fully Loaded” Models.

  • No Maintenance

    Forget fueling, cleaning and maintenance. Just ride.

  • No Storage

    Get your vehicle when it’s time to explore and return it when you’re done.

Have it all at your fingertips

No matter where your adventure takes you, receiving the vehicle to get you there is simple with our three options. 

  • On-Point Delivery

    Have the vehicle delivered right to your driveway.

  • Pick-Up

    Pick up your vehicle from our participating Polaris Adventures Outfitter.

  • On-Location

    Get your vehicles at one of our participating Polaris Adventures Outfitters and take advantage of their available ride experiences.

Explore with Your Membership

Take advantage of local and national riding experiences at our Polaris Adventures Outfitters.

Silverton, CO

RZR at 14,000 ft

63-mile scenic byway that winds its way through the southern Rockies via two mountain passes; Engineer Pass to the north and Cinnamon Pass to the south.

Maui – Kihei, HI

Road to Hana – Lahaina

From lush waterfalls to ocean views at every turn, the Hana Highway (Route 360) with its approximately 620 curves, is sure to be an experience you will not soon forget.

North Bend, OR

Ride the Ocean & Dunes

Hop into a Polaris RZR and explore Oregon like never before. Experience nine miles of incredible sand dunes, just off of Highway 101 in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Three Plans,

Endless Possibilities


1 credit per month / 12 month term

Credits are redeemable for full-day ride, pickup and delivery reservations.

How to use credits

Let the adventure begin – With one credit every month, the basic membership will get you into gear.


3 credits per month / 12 month term

Credits are redeemable for full-day ride, pickup and delivery reservations.

How to use credits

Go next level – More credits and additional perks, the Plus will take you further, faster.


9 credits per month / 6 month term

Credits are redeemable for full-day ride, pickup and delivery reservations.

How to use credits

Go all out – Ultimate has something for everyone with more credits, exclusive events and epic perks.

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    Phoenix, start your adventures

    Polaris Adventures Select Membership is now live in greater Phoenix, Arizona. Membership opportunities will be expanding across the country soon.

    Here to guide you in the right direction.

    If you have questions about the Membership, we’re here to help.


    9:00 AM – 7:00 PM CST

    Membership FAQs

    Polaris Adventures® Select is a powersports monthly membership program that offers access to the Polaris family of powersports vehicles – ATVs, Side by Sides and Slingshot.

    Through a monthly membership fee, members acquire credits that can be redeemed for product access by picking up a vehicle at one of our certified warehouses, having a unit delivered to your home or booking an experience at one of our Polaris Adventures Outfitters in the broader Phoenix market.

    Upon signing up for a Polaris Adventures Select membership, you receive credits each month, the amount of which will vary depending on your membership plan. You use credits in any combination for redemption of vehicle rental days, experiences or other services including roundtrip delivery.

    Polaris Adventures Select is monthly reoccurring membership that starts the day you activate it.  The first month is paid upon activation and allows immediate use of vehicles. The next billing will occur 1 month from the date of activation and continue to be charged on that date each month throughout your membership term.

    Below is a breakdown of membership plans available; each package offers you a different level of credits that can be redeemed for use of a Polaris vehicle either at home, at the trail with an outfitter or for pickup and trailering to a destination of your choice.

    Depending on your membership plan, you receive a certain number of credits each month. You choose how to use your credits as they are acquired and accumulate. Unused credit balances carry over month to month.




    Monthly Membership Fee




    Credits Accrued




    Credits earned monthly and used to book vehicle rental days, experiences and services through Polaris Adventures Select.  Credits will be automatically accessible each month after payment is received.

    Credits can be redeemed for the ride of your choice. Whether you would like to ride at one of our certified outfitters, at home on your private land or pick up a vehicle and go to your favorite trail, we have the option available for you.

    Below is a breakdown of how credits can be redeemed in Phoenix.

    Ride a Polaris
    All Terrain Vehicle (ATV/RS1)
    Ride a Polaris
    Ride a Polaris
    RZR, Ranger or General
    At one of Polaris Adventures Outfitters 1 Credit
    (RS1 Only)
    1 Credit 3 Credits
    Delivery to Home 2 Credits
    (1 Credit Delivery + 1 Credit for Rental)
    2 Credits
    (1 Credit Delivery + 1 Credit for Rental)
    4 Credits
    (1 Credit Delivery + 3 Credits for Rental)
    Pickup at Warehouse 2 Credits
    (1 Credit for Rental + 1 Credit for Trailer)
    1 Credit
    (Trailer not available)
    4 Credits
    (3 Credits for Rental + 1 Credit for Trailer)

     Note: credits are subject to change

    If you don’t have enough credits in your account to book what you want, don’t worry, you can always add more credits for $99/credit at the time of checkout.

    You will need to have a major credit card with >$1,000 limit, a valid US driver’s license that allows you to operate a motor vehicle without modification, proof of auto insurance and be at least 18 years of age to subscribe.

    Memberships require varying commitment levels based on your tier, see table below for tier commitments.





    12 month

    12 month

    6 month

    Early Cancellation Penalty




    Upon cancellation, you will have 90 days to redeem your remaining credits. Once the commitment term is expired, members can cancel at any time.

    We are currently live in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

    Polaris Adventures Select will be expanding our footprint. If we’re not in your city yet, please sign up for our newsletter so we know you’re excited about us coming to your area.

    Sign up

    Polaris Adventures Select is a monthly membership service fueled by our network of Polaris Adventure Outfitters and Polaris dealers.  If you are a member of Polaris Adventures Select, you will be allowed access to Polaris Adventures Select locations to redeem your membership credits.

    Credits FAQs

    Yes! Polaris Adventures Select credits can be “banked” if unused and carried over to future months.

    Credits do not expire and are valid as long as your membership is active.  If your membership is cancelled, you will have 90 days to redeem your banked credits through reservations. Note, cancellation fees may apply.





    12 month term

    12 month term

    6 month term

    Early Cancellation Penalty




    Credits are non-transferrable, therefore cannot be moved, permanently or temporarily given or gifted to others.  The account subscriber will need to be present to take possession of the vehicle for all reservations.

    We’re so excited you have decided to make Polaris a permanent part of your lifestyle. You can apply your unused credits toward the purchase of a new vehicle. Simply call the Polaris Adventures Select Help Line 1-866-866-3613 to receive a coupon for the value of your credit balance to redeem towards the purchase of a new, unregistered vehicle at any of our Polaris dealerships.

    If you choose to cancel your account after vehicle purchase, call the Help Line 1-866-866-3613, provide them your new vehicle vin and they will close your account with no cancellation fee.

    Yes, contact 1-866-866-3613 for a 5% monthly discount.

    Let’s Go Adventuring

    Must be 18 years of age to subscribe.