Safe. Memorable. Adventures.

We created Polaris Adventures after more than two years of re-thinking how to bring safe, memorable outdoor adventures to everyone. The concept has now grown to include numerous outfitters from across the country, and equip them with the latest Polaris vehicles, safety procedures, online registration and best ride practices.

Only The Best

Through a select qualification process, we only work with premium outfitters who raise the bar and create the best ride and drive experiences possible. By partnering with Polaris Adventures, outfitters are held to the highest possible safety and ethics standards and receive a new fleet of the latest Polaris vehicles every year.

Outfitter Certification

Verified Outfitter


Outfitters who are part of this exclusive network of local adventure experts are accepted into the Polaris Adventures program based on experience, adherence to best practices, high scores in customer satisfaction as well as a commitment to safety and ethics.


A Certified Outfitter meets Polaris Adventures program standards. They uphold all of the premium practices and processes Polaris Adventures requires to offer a quality customer experience. Outfitters will achieve their certification after they rent for a full season and have proven that they meet program requirements.

Premier Certified

A Premier Certified Outfitter is one of the top Outfitters in the Polaris Adventures network. These Outfitters go out of their way to not only uphold all of the premium practices and processes, they strive to offer the best possible experience for their guests. Each year, Polaris Adventures hand-selects a small number of Outfitters to be Premier Certified.

Become An Outfitter

And take your business to a whole new level.

Think you’ve got an experience or ride that will have riders coming back for more? Then you should learn more about the endless benefits of becoming an Polaris Adventure outfitter, and drop us a line to get the conversation started.

What They’re Saying

"From booking to finish everything was great ! Booked a GUIDED tour for four of us -including My 83 year old Mom-and had a great time with Drew as our guide. He brought us to a couple of great scenic lookouts and shared interesting information with us about the area. It was an afternoon we won't soon forget!"


"Nate and Dave did an awesome job of communicating information regarding rental and equipment-helmet and goggles included. As a first time SxS’er I was given a hands on demonstration of functions and driving technique. Awesome machine to operate. Will return. Top quality!"


"Awesome venue, great diversity of events, family friendly, and wonderful staff. If you are into motorsports then you need to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on all the events."


"Amazing! I can thoroughly recommend this adventure experience! The team were ultra professional and helpful and explained everything thoroughly. The equipment is first class especially the safety gear, sat nav and rescue/emergency protocols.

The ATVs are all in first class condition, clean, maintained and current models capable of handling the rocky and soft sand terrain. The State Park is perfect for ATV with great tracks and terrain, you are self guided so go at your own pace, stop where ever you want, have picnic, just follow the nav, almost impossible to get lost. And speed you can, these ATVs eat the rocks and sand and are fast, you can fly along, its pure rally driving in a tough vehicle designed to take the punishment! The $ are worth it, cant fault it, why stay in Vegas the entire time when you can get out into the nature and take an adventure.


Safety First

See for yourself how Polaris Adventures makes safety the utmost priority.

What is A Polaris Adventure

Pairing exceptional, Polaris Certified Outfitters with the latest Polaris vehicles.