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Welcome to Oahu! Sometimes called “The Gathering Place,” Oahu certainly lives up to its name. The third-largest Hawaiian island is home to most of Hawaii’s diverse population, a fusion of East and West cultures rooted in the values and traditions of the native Hawaiian people. It’s this fundamental contrast between the ancient and the modern that makes discovering Oahu so enjoyable.

Exploring the island in a Slingshot or on an Indian Motorcycle, from bustling city life to laidback surf towns, is amazing. Unobstructed views will bring the island to life. Oahu has adventures for every walk of life, fantastic hiking trails, legendary beaches and surfing locations, beautiful botanical gardens, famed snorkeling sights, and world-renowned shopping and dining options. The Slingshot or an Indian Motorcycle makes getting to your destination the best part of your adventure. Hawaii is a dream vacation. The adventure of Hawaii in a Slingshot or on an Indian Motorcycle will turn those dreams into memories that last a lifetime.

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Red Polaris Slingshot
Dole Plantation
Waikiki coast at sunset
Waikiki coastal hotels
Detail shot of Polaris Slingshot
Waikiki marina
Starting at $350 | 10 credits
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Woman standing by Polaris Slingshot
Driver's perspective, Polaris Slingshot
Green valley in Waikiki
Red Polaris Slingshot by ocean
Starting at $249 | 7 credits
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Starting at $90 | 3 credits
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Starting at $250 | 7 credits
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Polaris Slingshot on road in Waikiki
Driver's perspective from Polaris Slingshot
Two red Polaris Slingshots
Waikiki beach scene
Red Polaris Slingshot by ocean
Starting at $349 | 10 credits