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Cimarron, CO
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Arrowhead Mountain Adventures is a new addition to Arrowhead Mountain Lodge. Freely explore the trails of the Alpine Plateau in the southern Colorado Rockies in an off-road Polaris 2- or 4-seat GENERAL, or 6-seat Ranger—or ride the Alpine Plateau in a Polaris snowmobile throughout the snow season. The rentals staff is local and experienced with the backcountry to help you plan your ideal trip. No trailering is required with this drive-in/ ride-out facility. Choose your vehicle and the duration you'd like to rent, including half-day, full-day, and multi-day. Side-by-Side rentals are self-guided and snowmobile rentals are your choice of self-guided or guided. All rentals include safety equipment such as helmets and a preloaded tablet with trail maps and GPS to give you comfort on the trails. For an additional price, you can add a cooler, beverages, packed meals, and rooms. If you plan to stay in the Colorado Rockies for a while, check out Arrowhead Mountain Lodge to book a room and vehicle and ride the trails the whole weekend.

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Starting at $300 | 9 credits
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Polaris snowmobile
Polaris snowmobiles lined up
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Mountain view near Arrowhead Mountain Adventures
Winter snowmobile trail
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Starting at $150 | 4 credits
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Polaris side by side driving on gravel trail in Colorado
Two Polaris side by sides
Colorado golden Aspen
Colorado back country with stream
Polaris side by side with two helmets on hood.
Arrowhead Mountain Lodge
Polaris side by sides on Colorado's Alpine Plateau
Cimarron, Colorado
Starting at $0 | 0 credits