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Are you tired of slowly following a tour guide? Being stuck in back, eating people's dust? Playing follow the leader with everyone else? Then look no further, no tour guides allowed! We offer self-guided tours. No experience necessary, just need to be a licensed driver. Rip through the Vegas desert in one of our top of the line RZR rentals for the experience of a lifetime. It's adrenaline, mixed with the beauty of nature few get to experience. Fiery red mountains, sand dunes, clear desert skies, wildlife, and the remnants of cultures from the past await you at Moapa Valley, home of the Valley of Fire State Park. We are situated in the Nevada extreme sports capital!

Here at Ultimate Desert Adventures, we know how to navigate the Nevada desert, and you will too, with our GPS navigation, which allows you to explore our area on your own in one of our top of the line UTV/ATV rentals. Located in Overton, Nevada, we're just a short drive from Las Vegas, NV and St. George, Utah. Situated in the Moapa Valley, Overton is home to 45,000+ acres of desert trails where all adrenaline junkies can experience an adventure! Don't wait, give us a call if you want to to have an anything but ordinary Las Vegas ATV rental experience. Ultimate Desert Adventures has you covered for all of your Las Vegas off-road rental needs.


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(702) 952-1633

250 S. Moapa Valley Blvd.
Overton, NV
89040 United States


Category : Off-Road
Product Lines : RZR, RZR PRO XP


THE TRAILS: With the red rocks, wildlife, Indian Petroglyphs, and the beautiful desert skies, our trails and sand dunes are some of the most fascinating in the world. Turn on the GPS and explore. You'll never forget that day out in the desert in your Polaris RZR side by side rental.

SAND DUNES: You'll love the experience of rippin' through the sand dunes just outside of Las Vegas. It's a unique way to enjoy your day. The raw power of our Polaris RZR side by side rentals cut through the sand like butter, and make for an ultra-smooth ride through the desert. Plus, you'll catch some cool videos.

WILDLIFE: Bighorn sheep, desert fox, lizards, desert tortoises, ground squirrels, roadrunners, golden eagles, and Gila monsters have been seen on many adventures by those who rent one of our Polaris RZR side by side rentals exploring the trails. Remember, look and take pics, but don't get too close, and don't touch. We're visitors to their home.

Seasonality: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Valley of Fire State Park
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Lake Mead National Park
Moapa Valley
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ULTIMATE DESERT ADVENTURES – 250 S. Moapa Valley Blvd. , Overton, NV 89040
United States


"Best Day in Vegas!!!! Not only are the machines amazing... but the staff and everyone who worked there was fantastic. They were friendly, thorough, funny, and overall just have your best interest at heart. They were quick to get us out in our machines and then after spent some time just getting to know us. Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Jill was the lady who helped us. She’s amazing! The owner was also incredibly friendly and hung out after our ride. I HIGHLY recommend them. Honestly it was the best part of my vegas trip."

Cameron D.

"Awesome Self-Guided Tour. As a group of four very inexperienced ATVers we were a bit nervous. The employees were very welcoming and helpful. They got us all set up with helmets and all the necessary equipment. They gave very clear direction as to where to and where not to go. Enough direction and warning to keep us safe but not worried throughout the day! I appreciated the concern they had for our personal safety rather than just the condition of their machines!"

Svea L.

"Amazing! I can thoroughly recommend this adventure experience! The team were ultra professional and helpful and explained everything thoroughly. The equipment is first class especially the safety gear, sat nav and rescue/emergency protocols.

The ATVs are all in first class condition, clean, maintained and current models capable of handling the rocky and soft sand terrain. The State Park is perfect for ATV with great tracks and terrain, you are self guided so go at your own pace, stop where ever you want, have picnic, just follow the nav, almost impossible to get lost. And speed you can, these ATVs eat the rocks and sand and are fast, you can fly along, its pure rally driving in a tough vehicle designed to take the punishment! The $ are worth it, cant fault it, why stay in Vegas the entire time when you can get out into the nature and take an adventure.

Michael P.

"So much fun!

My friend and I had an awesome time zipping around the desert trails in a RZR. The capability of the vehicle was amazing!

The guys at the shop were friendly and went through safety, operational, and communication information in detail, but they also encouraged us to have fun, which was impossible not to! I loved that they let us explore on our own, using the GPS to make sure we could get back to the right path. The scenery was spectacular and it was also well worth the short walk up the canyon to see the petroglyphs.

Besides the items they recommend you bring (food, water, etc.), I recommend two things: (1) goggles and (2) dust mask/buff. They have goggles for your use in the shop, along with helmets (both for free). I was wearing sunglasses, but mooshed the goggles over them to protect my eyes from all the dust. You'll also want something to cover your mouth from getting filled with dust because you will be laughing and whooping it up the whole time! They have buffs for sale in the shop (not too $$) but you could probably get by with a bandana.

I'm looking forward to bringing my family back so they can have this awesome experience too! I highly recommend adding some outdoor fun with Ultimate Desert Adventures to your Vegas trip!"

S. Zanner

"This was the highlight of our whole trip to Vegas. This was our second time renting! The team at Ultimate Desert Adventures is the best! This is the second time I have rented from them for the day. I will continue to come back every time I visit Las Vegas. I usually have a jam packed weekend in Vegas but this is by far the most fun. No tour Guides! You drive yourself and follow GPS. We had a four person RZR with 3 people in it and it was so fun. We laughed and laughed. We got videos of us inside and cannot stop laughing at everything we did. Don't give it a second thought.....rent today! It's worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!"

Tom C.


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