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Silverton, CO
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Established in 2015, Ice Pirates is a premier snowmobile rental operation in Silverton, Colorado that serves families and adventurers with top-of-the-line Polaris Snowmobile rentals. All vehicles are new and include the latest safety features to ensure the best snowmobile adventure possible. Located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Ice Pirates offers varied terrain for all explorers, including some of Colorado's most loved mountain passes with panoramic views the vestiges of western expansion. You can ride throughout the 55,000 acres of the San Juan Mountain trails and enjoy scenic viewpoints higher than 12,000 feet. Ride where the locals ride with Ice Pirates!

No previous snowmobiling experience is required to ride. Choose from one of the many guided tours to feel confident exploring land you otherwise couldn't reach on foot. Available for half-day or full-day self-guided rentals or guided tours.

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Starting at $360 | 10 credits
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Starting at $285 | 8 credits