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Houston, TX
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Houston Slingshot Rentals provides Polaris Slingshot rentals for half-, full-, or multi-day rentals to take full advantage of Texas's year-round riding conditions. Houston Slingshot Rentals has been a growing business since its founding in 2016, building up its fleet to accommodate unforgettable Adventures for Houston residents and visitors alike.  

Enjoy riding this roofless, doorless, open-air roadster throughout the backcountry of northwest Texas or into the city of Houston. No matter where you choose to drive your Slingshot, you'll love the refreshing wind therapy!  

Follow the fully mapped GPS built right into the Slingshot so you’ll know where to go at every turn. Whether you decide to boogie through the backroads or explore city life, the Polaris Slingshot has enough storage to hold whatever souvenirs you scoop up along the way.  

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Starting at $200 | 6 credits
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Polaris Slingshot near Houston
Two riders posing in Polaris Slingshot
Orange Polaris Slingshot
Starting at $130 | 4 credits
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Polaris Slingshot in front of Texas Cotton Gin Museum
Red Polaris Slingshot
Must be Heaven sandwich shop in Texas
Polaris Slingshot in front of rural Texas building.
Texas back country two-lane highway.
Polaris Slingshot in front of minigolf course.
Texas two-lane highway.
Houston, Texas
Starting at $225 | 6 credits